SBHpottery handmade ceramics made in devon 


Hi! I'm a potter living and working in the south west of England. I love working with Stoneware clay, creating durable, beautiful, handmade ceramics for the home. 

I first began creating ceramics two years ago, when I did a taster course at a local pottery studio. I fell in love with the process of creating pottery on the wheel; especially the endless possibilities of what could be created from a ball of clay, and how a piece can evolve in front of your eyes. 

I work from my spare room, where I make ceramics to be used around the home. I love the diversity clay offers; my work ranges from plates and bowls to planters and bud vases. Its this diversity which helps me with the creative process. I focus on every detail of the pieces I make- what it feels like to hold, the surface texture, the colour of the glazes, its shape and weight. Im largely inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese ceramics; I like clean and simple shapes paired with contrasting runny, drippy glazes. All my pieces are unique and one of a kind. I really enjoy the challenge of creating ceramics for use in everyday life, that are both functional and durable, but also beautiful and unique.

I really love what I do, and I welcome ideas and commissions! 

Thank you for visiting my website! 

A peek at my Instagram :)

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